NeilAvardNeil Avard, one of our Debt Coaches at the centre, tells us about an exciting opportunity.

On March 5th Neil was invited to speak at the weekly meeting of the Brighton & Hove City Council Adult Services Department. 15 staff, representing different departments within the service, listened and asked questions in an hour long presentation. Neil had the opportunity to explain the history of CAP, how the charity works, is funded and is growing across the country and the world.

Using facts and personal testimonies Neil was able to show how the charity’s work improves, changes and literally saves lives. Every member of the Council’s staff attending took away literature and advertising material to share with their teams all clearly expressing the Christian principles that are the foundation of CAP’s work.

Accompanying Neil was Lisa Channell one of our CAP partners at the Fountain Centre in Patcham. Lisa was able to explain the work of Jobs Clubs and CAP Money and that these services were freely available to all.

The overwhelming feedback from the meeting was positive and there was a desire to use our services more as they also try and help the vulnerable within our city. The dates of all future CAP Money courses are now being circulated on the Council Intranet and we have already received referrals to the Debt Centre as a result of that meeting.

Please pray that this once heavy door will open still further.