NeilAvardNeil Avard, is the Centre manager for CAP. Here he shares some recent stories of how lives are being changed by  the work of the centre.

Story 1
We have a client who came on a CAP: Money Course and picked up an Alpha invite who passed it on to his mum who in turn gave it to a neighbour. The neighbour has since made a commitment to find out more about following Jesus.

Story 2
Another client after 3 months of not being able to get out mainly through physical issues and depression has come back to us.

He now welcomes prayer and has currently returned to part-time work, which, despite paying less than the benefits he was on, has given him an increased sense of self worth. Please pray that he passes the last of several tests he has to take to qualify as a bus driver.

Thanks to the generosity of a Holland Roader he is now able to travel to interviews and hospital appointments without having to go without food.

Story 3
Another client was introduced to a us via a Holland Roader via a local food bank. Her children now attend our youth ministry and she is overwhelmed by the support of our helpers who provide food and help with cooking tips at their own expense.