Welcome MatI recently had the privilege of going on a CAP visit with Sue Stone (one of the Debt Centres qualified coaches) to meet with a prospective new client.

As we were greeted by the client (a well-educated young man) at the front door there was a palpable sense that he really wanted to know how CAP could help him with his debt which was causing him both physical and emotional pain.

He talked about his journey that had led him from his home overseas as a child to another country for safety, through to the loss of family and personal freedom to where he ended up in his small flat on a council estate. The client was now facing enormous challenges in making ends meet which could potentially affect his ability to stay in the UK.

Sue calmly told him that there is hope and showed him that God cares for us all irrespective of our backgrounds or personal history. The CAP introductory video was shown and the client was visibly moved at the hope that CAP Head Office staff, John Kirkby and Matt Barlow, talked about and the way they described that day as being the first day of a journey to become debt free. The client described how he had been waiting for this day and was looking forward to starting this journey. Sue explained that whilst this would not be an easy journey, CAP would stay with him throughout.

Another appointment was made to go through the details of the client’s debt and allow CAP Head Office to start putting together a plan for the repayment of the debts CAP has a fantastic reputation in the credit industry and can deal with those involved on the clients behalf, removing the pressure that some organisations apply.

As we left Sue asked the client if he would like us to pray with him. This is completely optional and certainly not something that the CAP team always get a yes to. Again though, with tears in his eyes he said yes and I was very blessed to be able to pray for him.

We were able to leave him a small food package which he was grateful for. Please pray for this young man as he starts out on his journey to becoming debt free and also that he would come to know Jesus as his friend and saviour.

There are a number of ways for you to get involved ranging from the occasional client visits and supporting the Debt Coach you accompany, to praying for the team and clients, giving money or donating food.

P.S. Did you know that as each client becomes debt free or makes a commitment to the Lord, the entire CAP Head Office team in Bradford celebrate? I had the opportunity to see this in person in January it was truly wonderful to rejoice with the team and know that they have done this hundreds of times. What CAP offers is a powerful demonstration of God’s love for the poor and the broken.

See the video below and be prepared to be blown away!!.